Natural Resources Commission (NRC)

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The Wellesley Natural Resources Commission oversees the use, preservation and protection of the town’s parks and conservation areas, serves as tree warden, sets policies for insect control and pesticide use, and protects the town watershed areas.  The Commission also appoints the Wetlands Protection Committee and Trails Committee.

Areas of Focus

  • Park, Pond and Wetland Management
  • Tree Protection and Planting
  • Environmental Health 
  • Natural Landscaping
  • Sustainability Advocacy


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NRC Spotlights

  1. wellesley-will_small


    To support its commitment to addressing Wellesley's vulnerability to climate change, the NRC has declared a climate emergency to increase awareness and promote action. 
    Learn more.

  1. Habit to HabitatCorrect4

     Less Lawn for Simons Park Pollinators

     Learn More as we reimagine Simons Park and convert resource dependent conventional lawn into a thriving, ecologically functional landscape that supports our native at-risk pollinator species.  You can do this at home too! 

    More information and resources here.

  1. tcanopyspotlight

    Tree Canopy Report

    Learn More about Wellesley's Tree Canopy and How we can protect and grow it. 

    Read the Report Here

NRC Staff

Name Extension
Brandon Schmitt, Director 2298
Lisa Moore, Education & Outreach Coordinator 2290
Stephanie Tunnera, NRC Clerk 2294
Julie Meyer, Wetlands Protection Administrator 2292