Audit a Class at Wellesley College

Each semester, Wellesley College generously offers certain classes for auditing to Wellesley residents age 60 and over.  The Spring semester will begin on January 27, 2020. 

Course Listing

Please note that the Wellesley College full course catalog contains all of the courses offered at the college. However, not all of these are eligible for auditing. Only the courses listed in the Wellesley College Auditing - Spring 2020 document are available to audit. 


The registration process will be the same as has been used for the previous semesters. Individuals must email the instructor directly (email addresses to be found in the class listing ) to inquire about the availability of spaces remaining for auditing. The process is handled between the instructor and the auditor only, as there is not a formal registration process. While it seems appropriate for an individual to inquire about the availability of an auditing space in more than one class, it is expected that each auditor will "enroll in" only one course.