Stormwater Management

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The Town of Wellesley created this stormwater hotline and web page to better manage stormwater within our community. Management of stormwater is important, since the runoff from our roads and parking lots can contain oil, grease, detergents, sand, litter, fertilizers, pesticides, and other substances that harm downstream water bodies.


All stormwater discharges within Wellesley are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Our authorization from the EPA and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) may be found here. Our discharges are all tributary to the Charles River, which has been classified as an impaired water body, therefore making all efforts to clean up runoff more important. Reports from you, that assist us in identifying suspicious runoff discharges, help Wellesley improve the water quality in our region and aid in compliance with EPA regulations.

Direct and timely reports can be made by email or by calling the DPW Engineering Division at 781-235-7600, ext. 3311. You may call anonymously and leave a message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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NPDES Phases

In order to comply with the first phase of NPDES, the Town enacted a bylaw regulating stormwater. That bylaw made clear that any solid waste and non-stormwater flow, including construction debris, paint, automotive and petroleum products, cleaner and detergents, food and yard waste, and pet waste are specifically prohibited. Further, the bylaw regulated that all connection to the Town’s drainage network must be approved by the Town of Wellesley’s Department of Public Works, Engineering Division. Our bylaw followed the guidance of the EPA in exempting - that is allowing - period discharges from residential car washing, hydrant flushing, fire fighting (including training), pumping of uncontaminated floodwater from basements, dechlorinated swimming pools, and drainage of irrigation systems.


We appreciate your interest in stormwater and hope that you will use this hotline to report anything that seems suspicious or inappropriate that might affect the Town’s precious water resources. We also welcome any feedback you have on our stormwater program.

David J. Hickey, Jr., P.E.
Town Engineer