Energy Hotline

The Wellesley Municipal Light Plant continues to offer our Residential Conservation Service, which is designed to help customers conserve energy, and potentially reduce energy costs.

It's quick, convenient and best of all, it's free. The Energy New England (ENE) toll-free Energy Hotline is available at 888-772-4242 during regular business hours. Energy Conservation Representatives will provide assistance to you regarding questions on energy conservation, energy efficiency, or if you simply want information on specific end-use, such as an appliances, or conservation measures (e.g. insulation).


The goal of the Energy Hotline is to provide the tools and services necessary to help Wellesley customers make more informed decisions concerning energy usage and energy efficiency.


Some of these tools available to customers through the Energy Hotline are:
  • Objective over-the-phone technical assistance
  • Conservation booklets
  • Literature and tips on energy conserving practices and measures
  • Energy Star Appliance information
  • Referral to Energy Conservation websites

Helpful Resources

If you would like more information, call the toll free Energy Hotline at 888-772-4242.