Billing & Payments

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Billing for Electricity, Water & Sewer

The WMLP issues utility bills for electricity, water and sewer each month. The Town is split into five (5) sections with meters being read throughout the month. Bills are due 30 days from the bill date but an early payment discount is offered on the electric portion of your bill, if paid within 15 days of the bill issue date. 

If you would like to receive your utility bill via email each month, please send an email to  or .  Type "sign-up for ebill" in the subject line and we will enroll you. You may end your enrollment at any time. 

WMLP continues to have rates significantly lower than those offered in our neighboring Towns. Currently, rates in Newton, Needham, Weston and Natick are over 45% higher than the average $0.154 per kilowatt hour offered in Wellesley. 

Your utility bill will display the past thirteen months of electric and inside water usage. This will help you to see your usage trends. Typically electric usage peaks in July or August when your air-conditioning is running  and then during the winter cold snaps when your furnace/boiler is running. The lowest electric usage months are usually April and October when we don't need heat or air-conditioning and we're not using as many lights.