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Wellesley's mapping hub, MapWellesley, is part of our continuing effort to improve access to municipal data and resources. The site is fully supported on the current versions of all major web browsers. It was also designed with the touch-screen user in mind and is fully compatible with iPads and other tablet devices.

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For questions, comments, or suggestions about MapWellesley or any of the information it presents, please email the Town's GIS Office.


The following maps were prepared by the GIS Office of the Information Technology Department. For more information about GIS in the Town of Wellesley, please see the GIS page. Several of these maps are available for purchase at the Office of the Town Clerk. Maps are available in 36 inches by 20 inches and 24 inches by 13 inches sizes for $10 and $5 respectively.

Road Map ClipRoad Map (PDF)
This map is provided as a general reference map to all residents and visitors of the Town of Wellesley. Each road is indexed according to a map grid.
Voting Precinct Map Clip Opens in new windowVoting Precinct Map (PDF)
This map shows voting precincts in the Town of Wellesley. This map reflects precinct lines that went into effect on January 1, 2012. More information on elections, polling places, and voter registration can be found on the Town Clerk's website.
Zoning Map Clip Opens in new windowZoning Map (PDF)
This map shows zoning and zoning overlay districts in the Town of Wellesley, MA. Please note that this is not an "official" zoning map. The official Zoning Map is on file with the office of the Town Clerk and printed versions of this official map can be purchased there.
Hydrant Flushing Map ClipHydrant Flushing Map (PDF)
This map shows flushing zones utilized by the Town of Wellesley DPW Water and Sewer Division in their semi-annual hydrant flushing program. For more information on the flushing program, please contact the Water and Sewer Division at 781-235-7600, ext. 3350.
Government Owned Land Map ClipGovernment Owned Land Map (PDF)
This map shows all lands in the Town of Wellesley that are owned or managed by various town departments, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and neighboring communities. Please contact individual departments directly with questions about public access to these lands.
School District Map ClipSchool District Map (PDF)
This map shows Wellesley's elementary school district boundaries. These boundaries went into effect on November 27, 2001. For more information regarding school districts, please contact the Wellesley Public Schools at 781-446-6200.
Trails Map ClipTrails Map (PDF)
This map shows all trails in Wellesley currently maintained by the Trails Committee. Open spaces (e.g. public parks, conservation land, educational properties) and other points of interest are highlighted. The Trails Committee has also prepared maps and guides for woodland trails within town.
Road Moratorium Map ClipRoad Moratorium Map (PDF)
The Town of Wellesley Road Moratorium Map highlights all roads that have been paved within the previous 5 years. The moratorium prohibits street-cutting on newly constructed or re-constructed pavement less than 5 years old except in cases of emergencies. In such emergency situations, an extended maintenance fee will be charged for cuts and cold planing required on newly paved streets.