October 2021 Special Town Meeting Zoning Articles

The Planning Board is considering amendments to Wellesley's Zoning Bylaws that may be proposed at the upcoming October 2021 Special Town Meeting. Residents may give input on these proposed amendments during a remote public hearing that will take place via Zoom on Monday, July 19 at 6:30 pm.  

Proposed Zoning Article Amendments

Amendments to Allow Accessory Dwelling Units in one-unit dwellings. These are commonly thought of as "in-law apartments" but can have broader use. Read the proposed amendments here. 

Amendments to Section 16A - Project Approval and Section 22 - Design Review.  These changes provide for consideration of greenhouse gas emissions in review of Projects of Significant Impact and the Design Guidelines administered by the Design Review Board. 

  • Read the proposed amendment to Section 16A here.
  • Read the proposed amendment to Section 22 here. 

Amendments to definitions and provisions regarding Town Houses and Two Family Dwellings. These changes would allow Town Houses consisting of two units. 

Amendments to Outdoor Dining. These changes would allow for outdoor dining by restaurants without the requirement of a special permit from the Town. 

Updates to FEMA floodplain maps. These changes would update references to reflect new maps adopted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 

Amendments to take action on the commercial sales of guns in Wellesley. These proposed changes would add a new section to the Zoning Bylaw preventing buildings or structures to be used or altered to be used for the sale or manufacture of weapons. Read the public notice on this proposed amendment here