Resurfacing Notices

Wednesday, June 30th

Ingraham Road, Tappan Road, Benton Road, Vane Street, and Winthrop Road

***Turn off Sprinkler Systems***

The Town contractor is scheduled to be in the neighborhood's listed above. There will be no parking on the roadway after 7:00 am until all of the work is completed. After the resurfacing and rolling process, the street should be open for normal traffic within 1 hour. Please make all attempts to avoid sharp turning of vehicle tires on the new surface for approximately 24 hours.

While it is our intention to complete this work on the day indicated, weather or equipment problems may cause the work to be delayed, in which case it will be done the following day or as soon as possible thereafter. No Water can be present on the roadway from rain, sprinkler system, washing cars, etc.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that you may experience during this process, and hope you will enjoy these improvements to your neighborhood once they have been completed. Any questions concerning the work should be directed to the Highway Division at 781-235-7600 x3325.