Spotlight Questions

Is my water safe to drink?

Yes! Wellesley water meets all of the Massachusetts drinking water standards and is safe to drink. After one treatment plant (Morses Pond) tested over the new Massachusetts drinking water standard for PFAS6, that treatment plant was taken offline and will not be put back on until a filtration method to remove PFAS has been implemented. The water that Wellesley residents are receiving is currently coming from our connection to the Massachusetts Resources Authority system as well as our other two water treatment plants. If you have specific health concerns or are in a sensitive health group please contact a medical professional to better understand how PFAS could impact you.

Where does my water come from?

All our sources of water pump into our 150 miles of pipe of the water distribution system.  The water going to your home is a mixture of those sources.  There is blending that occurs in the reservoirs and throughout the distribution system. We also pump at different rates from all of our sources. There is no one particular source of water that feeds certain areas of Town.

 Do home filtration systems filter out PFAS?

There are home water treatment filters capable of removing PFAS from drinking water for the countertop or under the sink.  These filtration systems and devices are not specifically designed to meet Massachusetts’ drinking water standard (20 ppt) for PFAS6. There are systems that have been designed to meet the EPA’s Health Advisory of 70 ppt for the sum of PFOS and PFOA. Please be aware that Wellesley drinking water is already meeting the Massachusetts drinking water standard for PFAS6. For more information see the Massachusetts DEP website:


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