Historical Commission

The Commission's mission is to preserve and protect the tangible evidence of the architectural, aesthetic, cultural, economic, political and social history of Wellesley. Visit their external website here.

The Commission is also responsible for enforcing Article 46C, the Historic Preservation Demolition Review Bylaw. For more information on the Demolition Review process, click here

A record of past and upcoming cases can be found here.

Regular Meetings

View the July 2021 - June 2022 Submittal Calendar

Watch Historical Commission meetings on-demand through Wellesley Media.


Name Title Term
Grant Brown Chairman 2022
Lawrence McNally Vice Chairman 2021
Michael Greco   2022
Jacob Lilley   2023
Vicki Schauffler   2023
Rise Shepsle   2021
Elizabeth Shlala   2023
Robert Carley Alternate 2021
Marc Charney Alternate 2021
Emily Maitin Alternate 2023
Thomas Paine Alternate 2022
Michael Racette Alternate 2023
Jackie Hempel Alternate 2022
VACANT Alternate 2022