Abatement Applications

Purpose Link to Form Due Date
Real Estate Wellesley Tax Form 128 (PDF) February 1
Business Personal Property Wellesley Tax Form 128B (PDF)
February 1
Motor Vehicle Excise State Tax Form 126-MVE (PDF)
Cancellation of plates, sold or traded vehicle

Exempt Property

Purpose Link to Form Due Date
1st Time Charitable Application State Tax Form 1B-3 (PDF) First time filing of 3ABC for charitable exemption
Return of Property Held for Charitable Purposes State Tax Form 3 ABC
March 1
Chapterland 61, 61A & 61B State Tax Form CL-1
October 1

Tax Relief Applications

Purpose Link to Form Due Date
37A Blind Wellesley Tax Form 37A Annually, by April 1
Community Preservation Act Wellesley Tax Form 44B 
Annually, by April 1
1st Time Property Tax Deferral State Tax Form 97-1(PDF) Should accompany Deferral application only when applying for the first time
Property Tax Deferral Wellesley Tax Form 41A  Annually, by April 1
Senior Over 65 Wellesley Tax Form 41  Annually, by April 1
Senior Work-Off Program Wellesley Tax Form 59.5k Annually, by April 1
Veterans Wellesley Tax Form 22 
Annually, by April 1

Business / Commercial

Business Personal Property Form of List State Tax Form 2
March 1
Income and Expense Report Income and Expense Form (PDF) 60 days from date of request (approximately April 1)