Wildlife Concerns

February is the month of love and all the critters are out looking for mates, fighting off competitors.   Your dog can look like a competitor to a coyote.  Be sure to leash your dogs or keep them in sight when outside.  The prescience of a person right next to the dog is usually all that is needed to scare off a coyote.  

Skunks are also letting off their scent while they are out looking for mates.  Every time it rains the odor will come out again.  Many people think they keep coming back to spray when actually it is the moisture that rejuvenates the odor.

We had some bats come out into homes with the short window of warm weather.  If I determine there is no human or pet contact I will take the bat to a wildlife rehabilitater.  The bats need help to make it through the rest of the winter.  With so many dying from white nose syndrome we want and need the few remaining ones to help with insect control come summertime.