#ThinkBlueWellesley FAQs

Q: What is the purpose of this contest?

A: This contest is an alternative to mainstream advertising that meets Clean Water Act permit requirements. By running a contest, we are hoping to see residents actively engage with a stormwater awareness campaign.

Q: How many entries can I submit?

A: Only one entry per household will be considered for this contest.

Q: Who is eligible for this contest?
A:  Residents of Wellesley, 18 or older are eligible to enter the contest. 

Q: Okay, I’ve posted my photo. Now what?

A: If you’ve posted your photo with the hashtag #ThinkBlueWellesley and have tagged the Town of Wellesley Instagram account (Instagram submissions) or Town of Wellesley Facebook account (Facebook submissions), then congrats! Sit back and relax, and a member of the DPW will contact you to complete a contest entry form if your submitted photograph is relevant to the contest criteria. Please note, contest terms and conditions may apply. 

Q: How long will the contest run?

A: The contest will run from Monday, August 3 through Monday, August 24.

Q: Why isn’t the prize offered to the most picturesque photograph(s) submitted to the contest?

A: While we love and appreciate picturesque photographs, we wanted to make this contest much more accessible to those who aren’t seasoned photographers! So while we encourage you to take some creative shots and send us your best results, we also wanted to allow everyone a shot at a prize nonetheless.

Q: Who may I contact if I have questions about the contest?

A: Feel free to message the official Town of Wellesley Instagram Page (@TownofWellesley) or the Town of Wellesley Facebook page (Town of Wellesley, MA). You may also email thinkbluewellesley@wellesleyma.gov