Snap. Tag. Share. Win! The Wellesley Department of Public Works is running a social media contest in August 2020 to raise awareness about everyday stormwater concerns. Residents can take pictures of stormwater subjects, post them on Town social media pages with the tag #ThinkBlueWellesley, and win gift cards.

The campaign will help DPW fulfill Educational and Outreach requirements for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit program. 

The contest is coordinated in part with Think Blue Massachusetts, a Statewide educational campaign to help residents and businesses reduce polluted runoff and keep Massachusetts lakes, rivers, and streams clean and healthy.  

The contest runs from Monday, August 3 through Monday, August 24, 2020. To participate, take pictures that contain:

  • Stormwater relevant subjects such as storm drains, runoff areas, wet meadows
  • Bodies of water (puddles to ponds) or other places that water goes, family walks in the rain, and more
  • Examples of toxic-free, considerate lawn care prDPW_Storm Drainactices
  • Water pollution reducing activities such as picking up dog poop,

Contest photos should be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ThinkBlueWellesley and tagged with the respective Town of Wellesley profile in the photo caption (@TownOfWellesley on Instagram or Facebook). Terms and conditions may apply.

Entries that meet the contest criteria (relevant subject, correct tag and hashtag) will be contacted by the DPW to fill out a form to be entered into a final drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card.