Voluntary Demand Response Program

What is a Demand Response Program (DRP)?

The cost of electricity is derived from a supply and demand function on the electrical grid.  A large portion of the cost comes from a very small portion of hours out of the year.   A DRP is an innovative solution to these significant and infrequent costs.  The programs actively curtail electricity consumption during specific time periods.  Not only do these programs cut costs of electricity but also impact the environment by reducing the need to run high-carbon producing generators thus giving us the benefit of reducing pollution.  Often these programs are called upon on the hottest or coldest days, when the alternative is to run oil-fired power plants.  By reducing the need to run these plants helps in reducing emissions.  These programs are structured to reduce the demand for electricity during these peak times to help in matching the demand with supply, it reduces the load on an over-stressed electric grid. 

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