Coronavirus Information

 COVID-19 in Wellesley

Coronavirus is now widespread throughout Massachusetts. 

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  • Norfolk County:  1,199 cases
  • Wellesley:  25 cases; 3 new 

Daily Briefings

Read the COVID-19 daily  briefings from the Town of Wellesley and the Health Department. These updates are the official and most accurate source for Coronavirus information in Wellesley. 

  • April 3: New COVID-19 Info Hub, Alcohol Sold with Food Take-out, Town-wide Celebration Clap
  • April 2: Beaches Closed, Shop Solo at Roche Bros. Social Distancing Explained
  • April 1: RDF Message, Cybersecurity Warnings, Support Resources
  • March 31: Non-Essential Businesses Closed Until May 4, Entire Wellesley College Campus Closed
  • March 30: Take-out Safety Tips, New Remote Building Inspection Protocols 
  • March 29: Control Pets, Protect First Responders
  • March 28: Use Official Trusted Sources for Coronavirus Information 
  • March 27: Community Spread, WPS Plans Robust Remote Learning Models
  • March 26: Disaster Relief Request for MA, Landscaping Services Clarification 
  • March 25: Schools Closed Until May 4, RDF Rules In Effect, Plastic Bag Ban Temporarily Lifted
  • March 24: Emergency Orders in Effect, RDF Recycling Changes
  • March 23: Emergency Orders, Protect First Responders
  • March 22: Restrictions Continue 
  • March 21: Emergency Childcare, Wellesley College Closed to Public
  • March 20: Medical Reserve Corps, Fire Inspections, RDF Precautions
  • March 19: Cooperation Urged, Building Inspections Halted, Join Together in Wellesley Will Be Well
  • March 18: New Restrictions, Support Restaurants and Businesses, Volunteer
  • March 17: Town Meeting Postponed, Officials Developing Local Business Support Resources
  • March 16: Town Elections Postponed, Buildings, Parks, Playgrounds, Fields Closed
  • March 15: New State Orders Restrict Interactions
  • March 14: Polling Places Open for Election Day on March 17
  • March 13: Municipal Buildings Operating with Limited Public Access 
  • March 12 - 2 PM: WPS, Tolles Parsons Center Closed for Two Weeks
  • March 11: COA, Library, Rec Programs Restricted, WPS Cancels Events/Rentals, Trips
  • March 10: Non-essential Government Meetings Canceled
  • March 9: Town and School Events to Go on As Scheduled
  • March 8: Schools Will be Open on March 9
  • March 6: Presumed Positive Case of COVID-19 in Wellesley
  • February 28: Coronavirus Letter to the Community

The WHD is in daily communication with the the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) about cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community. All identified cases, families and close contacts are monitored by WHD nurses and follow guidance on isolation and quarantine as directed by MDPH.

In addition, daily updates and information about COVID-19 are available on the MDPH COVID-19 website.

Stay Informed

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Wellesley Public Schools is providing regular updates to families. These are available on the WPS website