March 2020

The WELLesley Employee                                                           

A Monthly Safety and Wellness Newsletter brought to you by The Town of Wellesley Employee Safety Committee

What is the Town of Wellesley Employee Safety Committee?

The Town of Wellesley employee Safety Committee promotes a safe and healthy work environment throughout the town with input and involvement from all employees. The committee assists in the overall effort to reduce health and safety risks from workplace hazards, promote employee wellness, and identify hazards and develop corrective actions to eliminate or control workplace risks to employee safety and health.

Committee responsibilities include:

  • Developing and promoting safe and healthy work practices
  • Developing and implementing safety programs and plans
  • Leading safety training and wellness programs
  • Conducting workplace inspections and safety audits

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How Can I Use This Newsletter?

Share the information during a staff meeting, or email to your staff, or post flyers that are linked here in a common area. The content of this newsletter should bring awareness of safety and wellness issues that may affect our employees.

Upcoming Training

 De-Escalation & Code of Conduct         

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 Do you have an event or training that you would like to make available to all employees? Please contact Jen Glover

March is National Nutrition Month

FDA Food Facts gives a quick overlook on nutrition fact labels:  Food Facts From the U.S. Food and Drug Administration 

  • serving size and caloriesfood label
  • ingredient list
  • recommended daily values
  • Note, for more information one should consult with their physician

Food Choices Matter! Cooking for yourself can help your nutrition plan

safe kitchen

  • Wash hands frequently with warm water and soap
  • Beware of cross-contamination, separate raw products from ready-to-eat products
  • Burn first-aid: quickly rinse affected area under cold water, cover the burn with clean dry sheet, never use ice directly on burned area, seek medical attention immediately
  • Dietary restrictions: check all ingredient labels for allergens of concern
  • For more tips visit:

How to Curb the Spread of Viruses

For the latest information on Disease, Virus and Flu, click here for The Town of Wellesley Board of Health page


Hands-Free While Driving - It’s the Law!

Massachusetts law prohibits operators of motor vehicles from using any electronic device, including mobile telephones, unless the device is used in hands-free mode.

The “hands-free” law is effective as of February 23, 2020.

Penalty for violating the hands-free law:

  • 1st offense – $100 fine.
  • 2nd offense – $250 fine, plus mandatory completion of a distracted driving educational program.
  • 3rd and subsequent offenses – $500 fine, plus insurance surcharge and mandatory completion of distracted driving educational program.

 What does this mean for me?

Drivers who are 18 and over

  • Can only use electronic devices and mobile phones in hands-free mode and are only permitted to touch devices to activate hands-free mode.
  • Not permitted to hold or support any electronic device/phone.
  • Cannot touch phone except to activate the hands-free mode and can only enable when the device is installed or properly mounted to the windshield, dashboard, or center console in a manner that does not impede the operation of the motor vehicle.
  • Not allowed to touch device for texting, emailing, apps, video, or internet use.
  • Activation of GPS navigation is permitted when the device is installed or properly mounted.
  • Handheld use is allowed only if the vehicle is both stationary and not located in a public travel lane or a bicycle lane, but is not allowed at red lights or stop signs.
  • Voice to text and communication to electronic devices is legal only when device is properly mounted; use of headphone (one ear) is permitted.

 Drivers who are under 18

  • Are not allowed to use any electronic devices. All phone use while driving is illegal, including use in hands-free mode.

Operators may use a cell phone to call 911 to report an emergency. If possible, safely pull over and stop before calling 911.