Swing Space

The Feasibility Study has included an analysis of multiple swing space options. The goal is to accommodate the educational needs of Hunnewell students during construction of a new or rebuilt school while mitigating disruption to students and their families, staff and the community.

Because the site is so constrained, there is no opportunity to either build a new school behind the current Hunnewell or add temporary modulars to the site to serve students during construction.

As a result, Hunnewell students will need to be relocated while the school is built.

During the feasibility study, options that have been considered for swing space include:

  • External locations (such as St. Paul’s School or classrooms at the Village Church)
  • Temporary modulars at another site (such as Sprague or Schofield or the Cameron Lot)
  • A combination of modulars and redistricting
  • Internal swing space; using space in the other elementary school buildings to accommodate               grade-level cohorts of Hunnewell students during construction
  • Waiting until the end of the Hardy/Upham project to use either the “old Hardy” or “old Upham”         (This “late Hunnewell” scenario would result in a three year delay of the project and additional             construction costs due to escalation)