Swing Space

The Feasibility Study has included an analysis of multiple swing space options. The goal is to accommodate the educational needs of Hunnewell students during construction of a new or rebuilt school while mitigating disruption to students and their families, staff and the community.

Because the site is so constrained, there is no opportunity to either build a new school behind the current Hunnewell or add temporary modulars to the site to serve students during construction.

As a result, Hunnewell students will need to be relocated while the school is built.

During the feasibility study, options that have been considered for swing space include:

  • External locations (such as St. Paul’s School or classrooms at the Village Church)
  • Temporary modulars at another site (such as Sprague or Schofield or the Cameron Lot)
  • A combination of modulars and redistricting
  • Waiting until the end of the Hardy/Upham project to use either the “old Hardy” or “old Upham”.
  • (This “late Hunnewell” scenario would result in a three year delay of the project and additional construction costs due to escalation)

SMMA provided an overview of work to date on the study of swing space options.

Next steps include the development of logistics and costs for various options.