Wildlife and Pet Concerns

     Cooler Weather and Wildlife

Animals are busy trying to bulk up for the coming winter.  The squirrels are busy stashing  acorns and racing back and forth across roadways.  The deer are in rut and the males are  moving around looking for the females and fighting to be the top buck in the area.  They too are crossing roads more this time of year.

Slow down and watch for wildlife and kids dashing across roadways in this fall season.

Since activity outside has been less this year and traffic lighter, wildlife have not learned to avoid cars and people so they may be seen more often and a lot more during daylight hours.  The young are dispersing to their own territories now too.  They will be crossing roads and running through yards as they are driven off by parents and others bigger than them.  

Things will settle down once winter comes and everyone has established new territories, bulked up for winter and found locations to hunker down for the winter ahead of them.

This is a good time to have roofs and chimneys checked while having gutters cleaned.  Seal up any opening now before some critter takes up residence for the winter.  Prevent your attic, shed (screen the edges so they don't dig under), old garage becoming a nesting site for wildlife babies come spring. It is easier to make the repairs and secure everything now than it will be when a mom and her young are residing there in the spring.