Current Wildlife and/or Pet concern

Common Calls this time of year....
Turtles - slow down they are crossing the road to go lay eggs.  Do NOT take them back to water,  they will just have to cross the road again.  First stay safe yourself from other traffic.  Use a broom or other object to push them in the direction they are facing.  
Fawns  mother deer leave the fawn for hours at a time as they graze and will be back looking for their fawn.  General rule for wildlife is leave them alone for 24 hours as most do not need to be rescued.
Fledgelings will look like they have all their feathers and are hopping around onthe ground.  People think they must be hurt, but they just came out the nest a little early and need to practice before flying off.  Mom and dad birds will both feed them on the ground until they are ready to take off in a day or two.
     Lots of baby animals are appearing around town.  Many sightings of fox with kits playing as they start learn to walk and run.  They come out to explore and learn about the world around them. 
     Do not feed wildlife as then they become dependent on people for food. 
     Enjoy them from a safe distance and if they are too comfortable in your yard, then make your self known and harass them so they learn to avoid people.

Mass. Fisheries and Wildlife has info on problem wildlife issues as well as the Univ. of Nebraska has a good website on solving wildlife conflicts.  Some of their methods are not allowed in Mass. - We don't have the environment to legally discharge a firearm, the use of certain types of traps are restricted and moving the problem animal is illegal.  Also removing the animal only leaves the territory open for relatives to move in, so fix the access routes into the home before relatives show up.

Leave wildlife alone and report any that seem sick or in distress to animal control.   If you keep an eye on its movements from a safe distance we can evaluate it and remove any sick ones before they have a close encounter with pets or people.

As people enjoy the nice weather many go out to fish.  When lines are tangled people leave them behind.  This is dangerous for the wildlife that gets tangled int discarded fishing line.   I have had to rescue too many animals and remove the fishing line that was wrapped around a limb.  Without our intervention they could have lost a limb or died.

Fishing lures are also a danger as this hawk shows.  The varies hooks were in its beak, wing and talon so that it could not move.  It is currently at Tufts Wildlife Clinic healing and building its strength in the flight cage so that it can soon be returned to its home territory. 
3 red tail