Natural Resources Commission 

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Natural Resources Commission to provide stewardship of, education about, and advocacy for the Town of Wellesley’s parks, conservation, recreation and open space areas so the full value of the Town’s natural assets can be passed onto future generations.

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NRC Board

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Consolidation and History

In 1977, Town Meeting decided to consolidate open space management in an elected Natural Resources Commission bearing the statutory authority and responsibility of Park Commissions, Conservation Commissions, Tree Wardens, Town Forest Committees, and Forestry and Pest Control Officers under Massachusetts law. The right of Town Meeting to establish a Natural Resources Commission was affirmed by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Members of the first Natural Resources Commission were elected in 1979.

Current Board Members

NameTerm Expires
Bea Bezmalinovic, Chair
Laura Robert 2024
Michael D'Ortenzio2026
Jay McHale, Vice Chair2026
Lisa Collins, Secretary2025

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