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Frequently Asked Questions

I live on a private way. Does the DPW plow my street? How do I arrange for the Town to fix potholes on my street?

The DPW does plow private ways. In addition, the DPW is authorized (by Town of Wellesley Bylaw Article 29.11) to make minor repairs to private ways, such as filling in potholes and depressions. See Information for Repairs to Private Ways A petition must be signed by a majority of the abutters to the private way requesting a repair. A petition form can be attained by contacting the Park & Highway Division or the office of the Town Engineer. A private way must be open to public use for at least two years to be eligible for repair by the DPW. Any repair to a private way is subject to available funding and other DPW workload considerations.

Why was my street chip sealed?

The Town maintains roads according to its comprehensive resurfacing program. This program includes the use of many different types of surfacing products, in addition to other maintenance services, in order to prolong the life of a road. Highway departments across the board recognize chip sealing as the most cost-effective road maintenance method when the road base and profile are in good condition. Chip sealing does as its name describes; it seals the road surface to retard deterioration for 3-10 years.

Resurfacing (sometimes called "hot topping") is performed if the profile of the road surface is poor. It may include grinding the existing road surface before new asphalt is applied.

If the road's base, or sub-base is damaged, reconstruction may be required. This includes removing all of the existing asphalt and rebuilding the underlying layers that support the road surface.

Chip sealing also provides superior resistance to skidding, which is helpful during New England winters.

I have a catch basin on my property. It does not belong to the Town. How do I get it cleaned?

Many private companies will clean catch basins on private property. Check the Yellow Pages for the phone number of a local firm. If you have difficulty finding a company to do the work, contact the Park & Highway Division. Someone there will help you find an appropriate company.

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