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Article 26
Town Clerk
26.1. Office. The Town shall have an elected Town Clerk who shall be a registered voter of the Town.

26.2. Term of Office. The term of office shall be three years.

26.3. Duties. The Town Clerk shall:

a. Have the powers and duties of Town Clerks under Chapter 41 and other provisions of the General Laws;
b. Perform those duties given to the Town Clerk by these bylaws, the Town Zoning Bylaws and Chapter 202 of the Acts of 1932 as amended;
c. Furnish all boards, officers and officials with a copy of all Town Meeting votes affecting them and furnish all board members at the time they take their oath with copies of the current bylaws, Chapter 202 of the Acts of 1932, as amended, and the Open Meeting Law;
d. Cause the reports (other than annual reports) of all boards, officials and officers presented to the Town to be entered in full in a suitably indexed book, which shall be known as the Book of Reports, such reports being numbered for each year in order of their presentation, with marginal references to the dates of the meetings to which they were respectively presented, and cause to be entered upon the record of each Town Meeting only such portions of such reports as may be necessary for the understanding of the action taken by the Town in each instance, together with the number of such report as entered in the Book of Reports;
e. Notify, as soon as practicable, each person elected or appointed to a board or office of such election or appointment;
f. Cause to be printed in suitable booklet form for limited distribution a copy of the record of the entire proceedings of the Town Meeting, said record to be printed in such quantity as the Town Clerk estimates is necessary to satisfy the usual demand; and
g. Furnish the Selectmen for publication in the Annual Town Report a copy of the motions presented and the action taken thereon under all articles in the warrants for every Town Meeting held the preceding fiscal year.
h. Conduct an annual census. (Added ATM 2005)

26.4. Notice to Town Meeting Members. Not later than 60 days before the Town election at which a Town Meeting Member's term will expire, the Town Clerk shall notify the member of the provisions of Chapter 202, Section 5 of the Acts of 1932, regarding candidacy for re-election.

26.5. List of Board Members. The Town Clerk is responsible for maintaining a list of current members of all boards and their current addresses.

26.6. General Provisions. The Town Clerk shall also be governed by the applicable provisions of Articles 2 through 7 of these bylaws and other provisions of these bylaws applicable generally to boards, except as the Town Clerk is specifically directed by law or a provision of these bylaws to act otherwise.

26.7 Fees. The fees of the Town Clerk shall be as follows:

Marriage Certificates
Death Certificates
Birth Certificates
Marriage Intentions
Business Certificates
Voter Identification
For Filing and Indexing Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors
For Entering Amendment of a Record of the Birth of a Child Born Out of Wedlock Subsequently Legitimized
For Correcting Errors in a Record of Birth
For Furnishing an Abstract Copy of a Record of Birth
For Entering Delayed Record of Birth
For Filing by a Person Conducting Business Under Any Title Other Than His Real Name a Statement of Change of His Residence , or of His Discontinuance, or Change of Location of Such Business
For Furnishing Certified Copy of Certificate of Person Conducting Business Under Any Title Other Than His Real Name or a Statement by Such Person of His Discontinuance, Retirement or Withdrawal From Such Business
$ 5.00
For Recording the Name and Address, the Date and Number of the Certificate Issued to a Person Registered for the Practice of Podiatry in the Commonwealth
For Correcting Errors in a Record of Death
For Furnishing an Abstract Copy of a Record of Death
For Entering Certificate of Marriage Filed by Persons Married Out of the Commonwealth
For Furnishing an Abstract Copy of a Record of Marriage
For Correcting Errors in a Record of Marriage
For Recording Power of Attorney
For Recording Certificate of Registration Granted to a Person Engaged in the Practice of Optometry, or Issuing a Certified Copy Thereof
For Recording the Name of the Owner of a Certificate of Registration as a Physician or Osteopath in the Commonwealth
For Recording Order Granting Locations of Poles, Piers, Abutments or Conduits, Alterations or Transfers Thereof, and Increase in Number of Wires and Cable Attachments Under the Provisions of SEC. 22 of Chapter 166 of the General Laws
Additional for Streets
For Examining Records or Papers Relating to Birth, Marriage or Deaths Upon the Application of any Person, the Actual Expense Thereof, but Not Less Than
For Copying any Manuscript or Record Pertaining
to a Birth, Marriage or Death
Per Page
For Receiving and Filing a Complete Inventory of  All Items to be Included in a “Close-Out” Sale
1st Page
$ 2.00
Each Additional
For Filing a Copy of Written Instrument or Declaration of Trust by Trustees of an Association or Trust, or any Amendment Thereof As Provided by Sec 2 Chapter 182 of the General Laws

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