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Article 22
Fire Department
22.1. Establishment of the Department. The Town shall have a Fire Department established by the Selectmen. It shall act under the supervision of the Chief Engineer of the Fire Department.

22.2. Responsibilities of the Selectmen. The Selectmen shall:

a. appoint the Chief Engineer and such other Fire Engineers and employees as they deem necessary;
b. have overall responsibility for the Fire Department; and
c. establish suitable policies and procedures governing the Fire Department and the employees thereof, including standards for record keeping.

22.3. Responsibilities of the Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer shall provide to the Town appropriate fire fighting and other services as determined by the Selectmen, supervise all fire engineers and other employees, and be responsible for all fire stations and equipment.

22.4. Pumping Water from Private Buildings. Subject always to the availability of fire protection services as the Chief Fire Engineer shall determine, the Fire Department is authorized, in an emergency, to pump water from private buildings; provided, that the property owner shall be charged the following fees for such service rendered to the same building if, in the opinion of the Chief Fire Engineer, the water condition could have been avoided by the installation of a sump pump or some other action of the property owner:

First Call
Second Call (made by the same property owner and due to the same cause)
Third and subsequent calls (made by the same property owner and due to the same cause)

22.5. General Provisions. The Department shall also be governed by the applicable provisions of Articles 2 through 7 of these bylaws and other provisions of these bylaws applicable generally to all boards, except as it is specifically directed by law or a provision of these bylaws to act otherwise.

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