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Public Hearing

Petition: 2017-46
Petitioner: Peet's Operating Company
Address: 9 Central Street
Status: Continued from April 20, 2017

Petition: 2017-49 (PDF)
Petitioner: Jon and Joan Blotner
Address: 15 Homestead Road

Petition: 2017-50 (PDF)
Petitioner: Alexis and Ari Vichniac
Address: 6 Damien Road

Petition: 2017-51 (PDF)
Petitioner: Patricia P. Start
Address: 64 Overbrook Drive

Petition: 2017-52 (PDF)
Petitioner: Patricia DeAngelis
Address: 6 Marigold Avenue

Petition: 2017-53 (PDF)
Petitioner: CE Holman LTO Partnership
Address: 593 Washington Street

Petition: 2017-54 (PDF)
Petitioner: Katya Shutts
Address: 19 Columbia Street

Petition: 2017-55 (PDF)
Petitioner: Ngoc B Hoang and Salvatore M Insogna
Address: 95 Russell Road

Petition: 2017-56 (PDF)
Petitioner: 3 Strathmore Road LLC
Address: 3 Strathmore Road

Petition: 2017-57 (PDF)
Petitioner: Unitarian Universalist Church
Address: 309 Washington Street

Petition: 2017-58 (PDF)
Petitioner: Bike Realty
Address: 951 Worcester Street

Petition: 2017-59 (PDF)
Petitioner: Dana and Ellen Conti
Address: 157 Weston Road

Petition: 2017-60 (PDF)
Petitioner: Aaron and Leigh Thomas
Address: 6 Fairbanks Avenue