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Public Hearing

Petition: 2017-24 (PDF)
Petitioner: Jonathan and Rachel Lowe
Address: 30 Laurel Avenue

Petition: 2017-25 (PDF)
Petitioner: Ray and Carolyn Cardin
Address: 17 Clifton Road

Petition: 2017-26 (PDF)
Petitioner: Emily Rome
Address: 75 Abbott Road

Petition: 2017-27 (PDF)
Petitioner: Wellesley Friendly Aid Association
Address: 219 Washington Street

Petition: 2017-28 (PDF)
Petitioner: Elyse Fishkin
Address: 67 Beechwood Road

Petition: 2017-29 (PDF)
Petitioner: Scott and Elizabeth Lubker
Address: 14 Oakland Circle

Petition: 2017-30 (PDF)
Petitioner: Romy Chu
Address: 51 Kenilworth Road
Petition: 2017-31
Petitioner: Caroline Warren
Address: 32 Arlington Road

Petition: 2017-32 (PDF)
Petitioner: Ralph and Caroline Ladd
Address: 54 Prospect Street

Petition: 2017-33 (PDF)
Petitioner: Wellesley Congregational Church
Address: 2 Central Street