WMLP has partnered with HomeWorks Energy and Energy New England to help the Wellesley reach its residential energy efficiency goals. An energy assessment will help you learn where you are using energy and what you can do to lower that usage. Less usage equals less money.

Light Bulbs

Instant savings of no-cost LED light bulbs, water-saving faucet aerators and up to 2 digital thermostats are available to natural gas heated homes. For more information and to register for your assessment please visit the HomeWorks website.

Heat Your Home With Oil

If you heat your home with oil then you can call Energy New England at 888-772-4242 and make an appointment for a energy assessment.

Where Does My Money Go

One of the first things to determine is how much energy do I use? EnergyStar answers the question "Where does my money go" with this graph. By looking at where energy dollars go in the average household you can begin to focus on certain areas that can help you save energy and dollars.

By looking at your most recent electric bill you can see how many kilowatts you used each month for the past thirteen months. Ask yourself is it in line with what you used this month last year. If it has increased could it be because an appliance is breaking down and it is taking more energy to keep it working? Or are your conservation efforts working and you can see a reduction?

The average household in Wellesley uses over 990 kWh per month. While the average in Massachusetts (non-electric heating) household uses just over 550 kWh. Where do you fall in this mix?

What Should You Do Next

Schedule a no-cost home energy assessment by calling 888-772-4242 if you heat your home with electricity or oil, or call HomeWorks Energy, Inc., a MassSave Partner at 781-305-3319.

By having an energy assessment completed, if you haven't had one done in the past two years. Once the assessment is complete, you'll want to begin to implement the items suggested for improvement.

There are lots of energy saving hints available by clicking on any of the following links: