Turtle Egg Laying Season

Egg-Laying Process

June is turtle egg laying season. Turtles will spend a day climbing up away from water. Since they are carrying their home on their back they need to stop and rest along the way. When they stop while crossing a roadway, I make sure to use emergency lights and stay safe from other cars. I then use a shovel to push them from behind, always moving them in the direction they were headed. Some people pick them up and bring them back to water. This only means they have to start the journey across the road again. Once they find a sandy spot they will dig a hole, lay the eggs, cover them back up, and start the journey back to the water.

So if you see one in your yard, especially a large snapper turtle, just keep the kids and pets away. It will most likely finish laying the eggs and be on its way home by the next day.

Road Crossing

I often get calls of turtles crossing roads near waterways such as Route 9 near Morses Pond, Rosemary Brook or Abbott Pond. They also cross on Brook Street and Wellesley Avenue near the country club. Hundreds Circle near Rockridge Pond is also a place many turtles wander out onto the road. Farms Railroad Pond and Wrights Pond have annual migrations of turtles. Even busy Great Plain Avenue near the RDF sees turtles crossing. There are other bodies of water and streams that also have turtles, so slow down and try to avoid hitting them, but be sure you are safe first.